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Goslings on the Pond at The Tannery, The Plains, Virginia

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A trip to Berryville, Virginia for Tea


One more boat ride before it’s too cold

My New Friend

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Cope’s Gray Tree Frog: Hyla chrysoscelis

I went to the grocery store this morning. I was about halfway through the store, when I saw something in the corner of the shopping cart. On closer inspection, I saw it was a tiny, gray frog. The kind with the big pads at the end of its toes. It rode around the store with me, and when I got to the parking lot, I scooped it up in a spare grocery bag and brought it home. The funny thing is, while it was in the shopping cart, which was black, it had been a dark grey color. When I opened up the light tan grocery bag at home, the frog was a very pale greyish-tan. How cool is that? I let it go in the yard, a more frog-friendly habitat than the Shoppers parking lot, I’m sure.

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Hickory Horned Devil

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The caterpillar of the regal moth (Citheronia regalis), a North American moth in the Saturniidae family. The caterpillars are called hickory horned devils. The adult has a wingspan of 3.75-6.1 in (9.5-15.5 cm). The adult moth is the largest by mass in latitudes north of Mexico, as are the spectacular larva and the substantial pupa. (There’s never a giant mushroom and tiny hookah around when you need one!)

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Mason Neck State Park

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