Photos by DM Shepherd

Golden Hour

Golden Hour copyright 2015 DM Shepherd

Golden Hour – Maryland Shore of the Potomac shot from Mason Neck Virginia © 2015 DM Shepherd

One more for Assignment 9 – Shot this evening during the ‘golden hour’.  I always enjoy looking across the river this time of day and seeing the sunset turn the windows in the little cottage into gold.

When I was just a small child, one of my Great Aunts told me a story about a boy who lived on a hill on the eastern side of a wide valley.  Every morning as he rose, he would look across the valley to see the house on the far western side and marvel at the house’s golden windows.  He thought this must be the finest place on earth.  One day he decided to cross the valley and see this marvelous house for himself.  So he set out on foot, but the valley was wide and it took him all day to walk across.  And when he reached the other side, there stood a humble cottage, not unlike his own.  He was puzzled, but night was coming, and he had no time to try and solve the mystery. So he turned and started back to his home as the sun was setting. To his amazement, his own home across the valley now shone with golden windows.

Photo 101 – Assignment 9 ‘Warmth”
© 2015 DM Shepherd


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  1. I love that story and the photo

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    March 12, 2015 at 7:37 PM

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